Modern Magazine

Be sure to check “Roberto Lugo is changing the world one Teapot at a time” by Elizabeth Essner in the latest Modern Magazine. 

Collective Design Fair

Thanks to Wexler Gallery my work was exhibited at Collective Design Fair and received great support. I want to thank the team at Wexler and all of the people who worked hard to put Collective Design Fair together. Here is a link to a write up about Collective that features Wexler and some images of…

Ceramic Art and Perception #98

Just received the image of the cover of Ceramic Art and Perception. I am so very honored to be the cover story in “Not Fearing the Message” by Blair Schulman. Please get you copy of Ceramic Art and Perception #98 at You may also get a preview of the article on Blair Schulman’s site at


I am incredibly pleased to announce that I will be presented as a 2015 NCECA Emerging artist this year in Providence, RI. This is a prestigious opportunity to present my work as well as my thoughts in front of a audience of my peers. I am truly honored to be chosen for my artwork and…

Juvenile In Justice

    Richard Ross and Roberto Lugo will discuss the positive social effects of creative education and its need as part of the reform of the juvenile justice system. Juvenile In Justice is an interactive artistic project that will participate in the nationally important conversation about juvenile justice and display the positive social effects of…

Bang! 2nd Year MFA Group show

As I am getting set up for the Juvenile Injustice show I finally got to show some of the work I made this summer in Hungary and received feedback on what affected people the most. I was able to make an eclectic mix of sculpture, potters, and even paint. I felt very free and back…

“Activism through Ceramics”

At this years NCECA conference I will be a presenting “Activism Through Ceramics” a lecture about how to use ceramics to serve the community as a part of NCECA’s “Student Perspectives” series.  I am very Excited about this opportunity and look forward to seeing you there. NCECA