To inquire about Roberto Lugo   please  contact:

P: 215 923-7030 F: 215 923-703


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  1. Adrian Woolcock says:

    I am interested in collecting your work. Can you advise on pricing and availability?

    1. Hi Adrian. Contact Wexler gallery. Their info is on this page

  2. Heather Meyer says:

    Hi. I am working with the GA Dept. of Education on putting together resources for ceramics teachers (usually in the form of PowerPoints). The hope is to provide a collection of rich and varied images from a group of artists as diverse as the communities we serve. I would very much like your permission to use images of your work in this endeavor but understand that an artist’s work is their intellectual property. Please let me know if you consent to use.
    Thank you.

  3. Rebeccca Pietri 19176914969 says:

    Good Evening , I represent photographer Barron Claiborne @bcafricanus . I am reaching out to discuss a collaboration . If you would please contact me at your convince that would be appreciated . Many thanks

    1. Hi, Id love to hear more about it. Please contact me at and my gallery at

  4. Sarah Thomas says:

    I’m an ESL and language arts teacher in Esperanza Academy, near Kensington in Hunting Park. I was privileged to see the documentary done by and was so glad to hear you speak about your experience in Kensington. We are about to read A Raisin in the Sun and my students will definitely appreciate hearing from you as we view the film.

    I reached out to our art teacher at the middle school to see if we can incorporate some of your artwork in our lesson, but also wanted to let you know what we’re up to. If you’d like, I’d be happy to pass on a message to my students who are mainly from Dominican and Puerto Rican immigrant families and/or generational residents of Feltonville.

    Thank you!
    Sarah Thomas

    1. Sarah how can i contact you? Text my cell 2674181311 or email

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